5 Tips for Booking a Last-Minute Vacation

Last minute vacations are spontaneous and can have such a powerful effect on your mood and outlook! When you book a last minute vacation, you are affirming that anything is possible at any moment. That being said, it can also be a challenge to manage the travel planning when everything is happening so soon. Use these tips to ease your last minute vacation planning stress, and put together a fantastic getaway!

1. Stay Flexible

Travel expert D. Scott Carruthers says that when you are looking to book a last minute vacation, you should absolutely stay flexible regarding your destination. This way, you can look to see what flight tickets are discounted. Airlines always look to fill the planes that they fund, so at a certain point ticket prices will start to drop. That is when you can get really great deals! So even if you have an idea about what you want from your vacation, like skiing or a beach, stay flexible as to the details. See where the deals lie and jump on them! They will not last for long!

2. Use Online Resources


When it comes to last minute travel plans, you have lost the luxury of taking your time with research. Online resources can compile data for you and crunch the numbers. Use sites like Expedia, Travelocity, and Kayak to compare prices in a jiffy. There is no time to spare!

3. Don’t Panic

Even though you have found yourself in a bit of a time crunch, don’t panic. By staying calm and organized, and moving forward in a logical way, you will save yourself time in the long run. Rather than rushing and booking a rental car or hotel room for the wrong night, keep detailed notes in the form of an itinerary, and double check before you confirm a booking. This doesn’t take a lot of time, but it pays off in the end. So stay calm and centered!

4. Go With The Flow


People that travel often know that sometimes magic happens, when you are just in the absolute right place at the right time. When you find yourself in this situation, enjoy it! D. Scott Carruthers says that this is one of the best parts of being on a journey. When you are booking a last-minute vacation, trust your instincts. When a person that you meet catches your eye, or a place feels strangely like home, know that you are in the flow. Make plans that align with the new friends you have made and places that you feel drawn to.

5. There’s an App For That!


Apps like HotelTonight, One Night and HotelQuickly can help you find steals when it comes to your hotel rooms. Hotels, like airlines, are losing out on money if a room stays empty for a night. Because of this, prices plummet for last minute bookings. An app will put technology on your side and scan through thousands of hotel data points for you. Let your phone do all of the work! Sit back and enjoy knowing that you will end up with great hotel options to choose from.

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