Amsterdam, a city as beautiful as it is controversial. Think what you will of the politics, the capitol of the Nederlands is stunning. Built on the waters of the Amstel River, it has cool weather and a very relaxed feel. Small canoes and glass tour boats can be seen floating along the city’s canals, just yards from the street I’m on. The buildings are thin and tall, each painted a different color, but somehow it looks like they belong that way. Arching bridges cross the canals and link the streets together, despite the waterways between them. The central market has everything you would expect from a city that started as a small fishing village, and so much more. The entire city looks as though it started as one solid piece, but the pieces began slowly drifting away from the center. Mirroring this, the people seem calm and relaxed, almost sleepy in nature.

Luchtfoto Amsterdam in de winter (1)_jpg_300

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