Halden Zimmermann Discusses Writing Process and Style Adaptation

book-1228040_960_720Few writers have the luxury of covering a single subject while writing in a very specific style for the entirety of their career, which is why it is so important for writers to be able to consciously adapt to different genres, subject matter and assignment types. Halden Zimmermann is quite familiar with this concept and has been one of the most frequently cited authors when it comes to those able to maintain an immediately recognizable voice despite adapting the writing style according to each different type of assignment.

Zimmermann, whose most recent releases include a book on high-impact blogging as well as one on coloring, has suggested that writers must take great care to ensure that they do not lose the most unique aspects of their voice as they adapt their style based on the requirements of a specific assignment. This calls for a deft approach if the writer is going to effectively blend their personal voice with the demands of the assignment style, but Zimmermann believes that a detail-oriented approach and conscious stylistic choices ought to make it possible to achieve an ideal balance.

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