News On Florida From A Dear Friend

I do a lot of traveling and I do mean A LOT of traveling. It’s one of my favorite things to do and while taking part in this traveling lifestyle I’ve come to meet thousands, if not millions of interesting people from all walks of life who love to travel too.

One of my newer travel buddies, Ace Wennoe, has been to just about every city in America and always comes back with a new story. One of his most recent stories he told me was while traveling he noticed something interesting going on in South Florida. He told me a brief story without much detail, something about the Fashion Mall in South Florida that has been vacant since 2007 because of damages due to a hurricane in 2005 is being demolished and in place of it, Mr. Falcone is turning a tragedy into a victory.

That’s a shame, I really loved that mall, but if I know Arthur Falcone I know he is a real estate and business genius. I have faith in his future project.

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