On Vacay with Nicholas Alsis

Nicholas Alsis on the YachtNick hit me up and was like, “Erik, bro, brosef, mah boy, we’ve got to get out of town for a while!” I told him I was already out of town. Jared Londry and I almost had dinner so obviously I’m not home. Wait, where is home anymore? If you didn’t notice, Nicholas Alsis has a little bit of a lingo issue. I tried to give it to you exactly the way he gave it to me, which was a little ghetto.

Regardless of Nicholas’ seemingly increasing speech impediment, he has a good idea, go somewhere new. But where? When? How? This picture is of Nicholas Alsis on a yacht so obviously he doesn’t mind sea travel. I’m always wanted to take a container trip across the big pond (Atlantic Ocean). Wikipedia calls it “Freighter Travel” and there are a bunch of websites that sell packages.

I don’t know yet how much it costs to cruise across the ocean on a cargo ship. Do we have to work for our food? That’s not much of a vacation, but I’m up for any new and interesting adventure. How about you? Would you take a freight ship across the ocean if it meant no cost but you had to work?

Nick Alsis

Nick Alsis – Photo by gordonhunter

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