Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island ( P.E.I ) was a great vacation spot for I, Dr Vince Malfitano. My fiance and myself flew down to P.E.I for a week getaway and Instantly fell in love with it! This small island has many unique features as well as being quite a small and quiet community of Farming and Beach Going peoples. While of course still being inside of Canadians boarders P.E.I was definitely a unique place for Dr Vince Malfitano to visit. While on the island we noticed that the ground was a deep redish almost velvet cake like color which gave an incredibly amazing magnificent look to the overall landscape. The air was cool as the arctic ocean was blowing in from the ocean shore. It reminded me of Curious George and his friend, the overall beach side homes fit the Dr Vince Malfitano criteria for livability. We also took some pictures, Enjoy! 10/10 Would visit again.


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