Travel is Good For Kids

We have been retired for over ten years and we have always taken our grandkids every summer on a trip or vacation of fun, sun  and learning all rolled up in one.That maybe why travel is good for kids to keep them out of trouble and to broaden their idea of life in other states.DCIM113GOPRO  They get to experience history and learn capital of states a more memorable long lasting way. They learn the true history of a state and get to experience on hand with museums, site of the area like grand canyon, Lakes, rivers gold mines to the first railroad spike that was place in the ground with the reenactment of the times.Look on Joe Olujic’s website and you will get ideas.  My oldest granddaughter is now traveling the world more at the age of eighteen because of us getting to take her to almost every state before she graduated. The motto been their and got the tee shirt.

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