Traveling to Australia Is Worth the Long Flight

Travelers from the United States are often hesitant to make the long and somewhat arduous trek to Australia, as the idea of a long flight in a cramped airplane seems like an inefficient use of the precious few weeks of vacation time American workers tend to have at their disposal. Certainly a 20-hour flight each way might be difficult to manage with a week’s worth of time off, and this is the reason why travelers should consider taking an extended vacation in order to overcome to drawbacks relating to travel while having plenty of time to explore all that Australia has to offer.

The East Coast of Australia is an ideal place to start for most travelers, especially those interested in backpacking, surfing or running. According to Stuart Lyall, the coast has some phenomenal trails for running and hiking, and the area is famous for its perfect surfing conditions and laid-back atmosphere. Vacationers do not have to be a world-class athlete to enjoy these sorts of activities, as many travelers find residents of the coast to be incredibly accommodating of visitors from abroad.

While the flight many be lengthy, most travelers find a trip lasting two to four weeks more than ideal. This eliminates feeling the need to rush from place to place and allows visitors to have a few days to just relax and enjoy Australia in the same way as residents. As Lyall has noted in the past, Australia is a destination that is best experienced at a relaxed pace.

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