Why Having A Food Allergy Shouldn’t Keep You From Traveling

Individuals born with a genetic code that spells out allergies shouldn’t be at a disadvantage when it comes to exploring the world. If you think that your allergies are best minded from the safety of home, be ready to gain a new perspective. Society, technology, and travel have evolved so much over the past years that there might be options open to you that you never even considered! Experts like Dr. Summit Shah believe that you can manage your allergies as well on the road as you can at home. Here are 6 reasons that your allergies shouldn’t keep you from traveling.

1. Tech Is Here To Help

Traveling to a foreign country? You are going to need to speak up about your allergy. But what if you don’t speak the language? Let your phone or iPad help you translate your important message to the waitstaff. Apps like iTranslate Voice, Google Translate and SpeakText can help you say what you need to in an efficient and effortless manor. Goodbye stress, hello dinner!

2. The Airlines Will Do Their Part If You Do Yours

If you have fear about being cooped up in an airtight vessel with peanut dust in the air, you can simply alert the airline to your condition. Airlines are very accommodating, and will switch up the snacks for your particular flight. Do your part by telling the airline in advance, and then let them do their part in getting you safely to your destination.

3. It’s A Conversation That Can Go Well

If you worry about sounding needy or demanding when explaining your condition, try a new approach. Even though you have nothing to be sorry for, come across as humble by saying something like, “sorry for the inconvenience, but I am allergic to X,Y and Z and I want to be really sure that…” and go on from there. Talking about your needs will get you into conversations with new people, and you might find that it can be an enjoyable conversation rather than a socially awkward one.

4. You’ll Pave The Way For Others

When you speak up about your needs, you pave the way for all of those other allergy-sufferers to come. As you explain what will happen if you come into contact with an allergen, you might be educating someone who will then be much more aware and sensitive in the future! Make travel easier for everyone with allergies by spreading the word about your needs.

5. A Little Bit Of Planning Goes A Long Way

As you get ready for your trip, take the time to research your destination. A little bit of prep ahead of time will make travel more relaxing. This will also help you make alternative suggestions to the group when they propose a meal or activity option that you know will be difficult to navigate. Look up the local allergy-friendly restaurants and get a handle on what you will be dealing with so that you know exactly what to expect.

6. Work With Your Team

Work with doctors and a knowledgeable staff when it comes time to pack for your trip. Dr. Summit Shah is an excellent resource to have. Make sure that you have the medicines that you might need on hand. Go into your travel experience with confidence and excitement rather than trepidation!

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