2015 Travel Itinerary with Jared Londry

Jared Londry in RoatanJared Londry has released the details of his 2015 travel itinerary, including stops in numerous locations that have a variety of opportunities for travelers who have very different interests. There are several destinations included in the itinerary, which begins with a stop in Miami, a city that Jared Londry is very familiar with.

Following the stop in Miami, the trip will continue via a charter flight to Roatan, an island just off the coast of Honduras known for its scuba diving and fishing opportunities. After an evening on the island, Londry will then take guests to Belize for a two-day respite. A luncheon will be held in the afternoon where guests can experience the traditional cuisine of Belize, followed by an afternoon spent zip-lining through the country’s dense jungle.

After the two days in Belize, the charter will return to Miami where they will have the opportunity to spend the day in South Beach or return home at their leisure.

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