About Erik Pitoniak

This is the story of Erik Pitoniak, written in the third person. He was just a normal guy who wanted to travel so he did. His first journey was to walk a few blocks. He stayed with a friend. He was 8. At this friend’s house he discovered a most amazing game: Jumanji.

It filled him with so many questions! Where is this magical land of Jumanji? Could he go there? How many dice rolls would it take to get there? Would rhinos stop him from moving forward?

He had to make a decision. He had to decide between knowing and not knowing. Adventure, secrets, and possibly gold or something awaited him! He didn’t know! He never won a game against his cheater friend. All he knew was that he wanted it!

And so, after about 25ish years of school and work, he set forth into the world to discover the secrets it had to hold. His name was Erik Pitoniak, and he would discover the world.