Daren Zenner is The Traveling Boxer

Daren_Zenner_hits_harderWhat is more fun than traveling with a boxer? Just ask Daren Zenner, “it is like traveling with your own personal body guard, and you always get things the way you order them”. Zenner is a nice guy, but as a former boxing champ many are reluctant to step on his toes. Traveling for Daren Zenner he says is greatly needed, because sometimes you just gotta get away from it all and forget who you are. When traveling nobody knows you, so you can be whatever you want, although if you say your a boxer some people might want a challenge, so be careful who you become.

Along with visiting the greatest beaches in the world, all the wonders, traveling the seas, and maybe taking in movie once in awhile Daren Zenner has seen it all. Traveling is much like boxing, you just gotta take baby steps and learn the ins and outs. After you have your wallet and passport stolen the first time you’ll remember next time to always watch your bags and always carry your passport in your inside coat pocket. It is truly a learning process. After you become an expert you’ll know where to find great rooms at great prices and how to talk to the locals to find the best secrets of the area you are visiting. One tip Zenner will divulge is that looking like a tourist always makes you a target, so its better to just blend in, and if you cant help looking like a tourist than stay where there are alot of people. Happy Travels!

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