Ireland’s largest city, Dublin. Nearly the entire island is mountainous and covered in vegetaion, creating beautiful contrasts of rocks erupting from a carpet of moss and grass. The weather tends to be inclement, overcast, and damp, but it doesn’t take away from the natural beauty of the rolling hillsides. Making my way into the city itself, you see hints of modern, international influences, ¬†as well as far older, local ideals. Colorful old town buildings clash with each other, but seem even more out of place compared to the modern skyscrapers in the distance. Of course one can’t talk about Ireland without mentioning the local food and pubs. The stone-and-mortar buildings seem almost non-descript, the wooden sign showing a pint swinging outside being the only indication of what was inside. If you catch them at the right time of day, you will never find a more welcoming group of people.


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