Kion Kashefi Observant Safety Tips While Traveling

When traveling, safety is everyone’s #1 thought and concern. One of the most important and popularly asked about safety traveling tips given by Kion Kashefi is to always be aware of your surroundings and to stay alert. This helps in knowing what people are around you and taking note of your environment which is also important in case you were to get lost.

By observing the people around you, you’re not as defenseless as you would be if you were totally oblivious of your surroundings with your face buried into a phone, a laptop or even your phone.

But how do I become more observant? Excellent question. The trick to becoming more observant is first to make it fun for your brain. Your brain will remember things that stick out and entertain it. Create a mental mind game with yourself to help you remember key things. For example, if I am in an airport and my gate is C17, I remember that by thinking, “My sister’s name is Christina and she is 17” and you’d be surprised just how well that works.

Update for 2015: Kion Kashefi recently announced his new website at


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